Our latex balloons are the result of a strategic alliance between Betallic and Sempertex. Both companies bring a unique expertise and history of innovation to the balloon industry.


Since the company’s founding in 1983, Betallic has become an industry leading manufacturer of foil balloons with international distribution and a history of introducing innovative and unique products. From its initial focus on 18” foil balloons and coordinating gift accessories, Betallic has expanded to provide a full line of coordinating balloons of various shapes and sizes. In addition, Betallic is proud to be the exclusive provider of Mighty Bright® balloons made of non-foil, specially formulated material for superior color and brilliant shine. Mighty Bright® balloons are available in 21” rounds, hearts and a variety of unique shapes! Known for fashionable and innovative designs, Betallic carries the world’s largest selection of holographic balloons as well as a vast range of intricate and imaginative shapes including Megaloons® in a variety of solid colors and prints, Google Eyes™, Zooloons™, Fresh Picks™, Special Delivery™, and more.


Sempertex has been devoted to manufacturing high quality latex balloons since 1938. The company is 100% balloon-focused and serves the global market with a complete professional latex balloon program from its headquarters in Barranquilla, Colombia.World class suppliers, proprietary formulations and state of the art and custom-engineered equipment enable Sempertex to achieve technological independence and manufacturing excellence. A dynamic R&D division investigates natural rubber latex processes and explores the combination of new alternatives to improve balloon performance.Betallic and Sempertex have employed the best technology available to develop an extensive line of two-sided and all over printed latex balloons. Our latex line includes 70 breathtaking colors in 5”, 11”, 18”, 36” plus 360s, 260s, 160s, hearts, shapes and much more. Sempertex also manufactures LINK-O-LOON® Pro linking balloons in solids, prints and three convenient sizes; 6", 12" and 660.

This long-term partnership includes an investment and commitment from both companies. As the exclusive distributor of Sempertex balloons under the Sempertex® brand, Betallic’s St. Louis warehouse offers a strategic, centralized location to serve all needs. Together we pledge to continually offer quality balloons, innovative designs and superb customer service.